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Penny Farthing Cycling Club – Gentleman Hell Angels on Penny Farthings (Chapscallions?)
Strongman – Stereotypical circus strongman
Gorilla – dressed up as a man… probably just a bit weird
Lost Time Traveller – trying to get back to his own time, confuses everyone
Snake Oil Salesman – all his stuff works exactly as advertised

Sinister Pied Piper
Queen of Hearts Club – Moulin Rouge style club
Annual Ghost Ship
Shifting Maze House – library?
Spooky Hospital

Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker – murderous trio, moonlight as disposal services
Fortune Telling Shoe Shiners
Orrery – mad Galileo type? Has to mispronounce “plane’arium”
Snatchsquash – world’s fairs least pleasant exhibit
City Zoo – and cultural exchanges, supernatural travelling circus

Dirigibles! – The Centenary Goshawk, co-pilot Chives Backer
Motion Picture Camera – capturing your soul / years
Haitian Voodoo – zombie making motherfucker
Filthy Gypsies
Hedge Witches – book club equivalent

Ratman vs Albino Sewergator
Spanish Inquisition
Dark version of Kerberos Club
Sissy version of Kerberos Club
Leper colony – once beautiful garden now turned into dead wasteland. But with lepers.

Main Page

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